Executive Team


Data Machines Executives focus on the business strategy and growth directions of the company. They each provide unique complimentary perspectives and are building upon already very successful careers by implementing their entrepreneurial vision here. A necessary precondition to be considered for an executive role at Data Machines is the funding and conduct of a successful Data Machines project. This ensures each senior leader in the company has a reputation for and proof of delivering exceptional results, which are required to lead our most important projects. Data Machines executives are in the special trusted role of being able to negotiate and sign contracts on behalf of the company as well as to conduct hiring and performance bonuses.

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Eric Whyne is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Data Machines. Eric received his BS in Computer Science with minor degrees in Math, Information Assurance, and Engineering from Norwich University. He also holds a Masters of Information and Data Science Degree from UC Berkeley. Eric is a former USMC Captain with 9 years of service starting as Enlisted Signals Intelligence Analyst, Communications Officer for USMC Anti-Terrorism Battalion, and Data Officer for 2MarDiv Ground Combat Unit. He received the Navy Commendation Medal with Valor distinction for actions in Basra, Iraq as a USMC embedded advisor with the Iraqi Army. Eric is proficient with the Linux command line and all forms of distributed computation. He is the Principle Investigator on 10+ DARPA projects focused on data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.




Dr. Chris Monson is the Chief Technology Officer at Data Machines Corp. Chris received his PhD in Computer Science from BYU in 2006, where he focused on Machine Learning and Evolutionary Optimization. He came to DMC from Google where he spent more than 11 years building and scaling cutting-edge machine learning technologies as a tech lead, as well as developing and teaching curriculum on machine learning, various programming languages, and most recently the application of ML to hiring processes. He has worked in Google Search, Ads, Translate, Maps, Civics, and Hiring, and additionally has experience with IP litigation consulting.



Dr. Martial Michel is the Chief Scientific Officer at Data Machines Corp. where he focuses on algorithm evaluation architectures. Prior to joining DMC, Martial worked for 20 years as a staff scientist and leader at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) focusing on cloud computing and machine learning evaluation. He is a Docker Mentor, co-chair for the OpenStack Scientific Working Group for North America, a founding participant of the Open Research Cloud Declaration, and has received a Bronze Medal for Superior Federal Service. Martial obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University Henri Poincaré for his study and dissertation on the Transfer of Dynamic Data Types using Message Passing Interface (MPI), and specialized in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Networks.



Dr. Nathan Danneman is the Chief Data Scientist at Data Machines Corp. where he ensures statistical and mathematical rigor is applied to our candidate machine learning and data analysis solutions. Nathan received his PhD in Political Science from Emory University in 2013, with a focus on quantitative methods, computational statistics, and international conflict. He also holds a BA in Public Policy Analysis with a focus on international policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2007).



Mike May is the Chief Operating Officer at Data Machines Corp. Mike earned his BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from Northeastern University with a minor in International Affairs. His career has focused on cloud architectures, software development, and research platforms. He is currently an active contributor to the OpenStack foundation, OpenStack Scientific Working Group, and founding signatory on the Open Research Cloud Declaration.



Burt Thompson is the President of Data Machines Corp. where he oversees business operations, and informs strategy and ethics. Burt served in the U.S. Army, attaining the rank of Brigadier General before entering industry and holding senior leadership roles in several companies. His Army service included: Deputy Director, Strategic Plans and Policy U.S. PACOM, Deputy Commanding General, 25th Infantry Div., Deputy Director for Operations of the National Military Command Center, EO for Under Secretary of the Army, and Commander 1st Stryker BCT 25th ID. Burt has an MS in Personnel Management and Administration from Central Michigan University, an MS in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College, an MA in Advanced Military Studies from the U.S. Army Command and Staff College, and a BA in Government from Norwich University.


Catherine Schymanski

Catherine Schymanski is Director of Operations at Data Machines Corp. Prior to joining the Data Machines team, Catherine supported public affairs, marketing, and administrative teams on an assortment of DoD programs. Catherine received her MA in Communication from George Mason University in 2015.

Technical Directors and Sr STaff

Data Machines Directors are given this title based on their significant technical contributions to the success of ongoing projects throughout their career. Technical Directors within the company have reached the top of technical performance in their respective fields and are tasked to spend time building others to get there. These highly trusted and capable individuals have a special responsibility within the company to ensure technical excellence on projects through direct contribution and, more importantly, mentorship. In order to become a Technical Director at Data Machines, an individual must have both an extremely successful career and a willingness and aptitude to successfully share their knowledge. This role is just as important as the Executive roles at Data Machines, but with an emphasis on technology instead of business.



Annie Weng is the Director of Software Development for Data Machines Corp. Annie has an MS in Software Engineering from George Mason University, and a BS in Computer Science from West Virginia University. She has nearly 20 years of software development, test, integration, and leadership experience. Annie has authored many critical software components of DMC systems, and routinely solves the most difficult technical challenges across each project we undertake as a company.



Dr. Brian Dennis is the Director of Data Engineering at Data Machines Corp. Brian has a 20+ year career in basic and applied data-centric research in the defense industry at Invincea Labs and Lockheed Martin ATL, as well as in academia as a faculty member of the Northwestern University Computer Science Department. Prior to joining DMC, he provided on-site technical and programmatic support to DARPA's Information Innovation Office (I2O), helping the government manage a large portfolio of contracted research projects. Brian holds a BS in Computer Science from MIT, as well as an MS and PhD from UC Berkeley in Computer Science.



Dr. Rion Dooley is the Director of Platform Services and Solutions at Data Machines Corp. Rion came to DMC from Texas Advanced Computing Center where he spent the last decade integrating new and emerging technologies to build solutions that make it easier to conduct open, digital science. His prior projects span the areas of parallel, cloud, and distributed computing, scheduling, data management, identity and access management, information modeling, and scientific reproducibility. He was the Principal Investigator for and contributes to the Agave Platform Project, and is active in the Open Source community.



Joey Maresca is the Director of Security at Data Machines and brings over 13 years of experience in information security to Data Machines with a background in both certification and accreditation, encryption compliance, and red-team offensive security testing. This experience has covered a variety of sections including commercial technology customers, government, healthcare, and financial sectors. Joey is a lifelong hacker who enjoys finding security problems, discovering solutions to fix them, and sharing his knowledge while hosting the Hackers with Bourbon weekly videocast. He has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ohio State University.


Nicholas Burnett

Nick Burnett is a Data Scientist and Software Developer at Data Machines Corp. He holds a BS in Bioengineering from Cornell University, an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and an MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. His career has focused on advancing defense science and research technologies through direct contribution and oversight.



Shelly Stanley is a Senior Data Scientist at Data Machines Corp. Shelly currently applies her statistics and machine learning knowledge to detect anomalous behavior in network traffic and credential misuse in big cyber data. Her prior work includes predictive analytics focusing on supply chain management and exploratory data analysis. Shelly has a MIDS from UC Berkeley and a BS in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.


Data Machines Corp. individual contributors are passionate and talented people who focus on working together to tackle meaningful problems. They are the heart of the company and hail from a wide range of career stages and paths ranging from new employees to individuals who are at or nearing the top of their field of expertise. Some of the strongest technical contributors in the company and most successful project managers are here. These are individuals who are without a corporate managerial title but wield a great deal of influence on strategy, and make the most important contributions and decisions.  


Wei Lau

Wei Lau is a Senior Software Developer at Data Machines Corp. Wei is a veteran software engineer who has worked and led various teams in solving problems and developing code in big data, real-time OS, data analytics, encryption/security applications, and radar/sonar systems. His primary development language is C++, but he is comfortable working in Java, Python, Scala, and Javascript. Wei received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and his MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.


Robert JAcobs

Bob Jacobs is a Sr. Software Development Lead at Data Machines Corp. Bob has over 21 years of software development experience with government programs. For over 15 years, he has been a lead developer and mentored many junior developers in the areas of software design, requirements, and testing. Bob has been an advocate for development processes over his career. He has authored components for many core DMC technologies including virtualization, application development, and identity management. Bob has a BS in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.


Zobair Shahadat

Zobair Shahadat is a Full Stack Software Engineer and Technologist at Data Machines Corp. He has previously worked as a key developer supporting the Global Combat Support System – Joint (GCSS-J) project supporting the Joint Staffs in making critical decisions using data analytics. He is currently responsible for researching technologies, engineering prototypes, building software, maintaining infrastructure, and safeguarding security layers for a range of DARPA programs. He is presently pursuing an MS from Georgia Tech in Computer Science, specifically in the area of data science, algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.


Steven Barmoy

Steven Barmoy is a Systems Engineer at Data Machines Corp. He received his BS in Information Systems from Towson University. Steve is an experienced Linux administrator who has worked extensively with distributed big data systems. His work ensures redundancy, security, alerting, and timely account management of DMC cloud resources.


Rohitha Bhushan

Rohitha Bhushan is a Data Scientist at Data Machines Corp. Prior to joining DMC, she was a developer working on a wide range of products at SAP Labs India with their R&D teams, as well as a quality specialist for federal projects at an Arlington-based startup. She holds a MIDS from UC Berkeley, and her undergraduate is in Electrical Engineering.



Matthew Brandeburg is a Cloud Architect and Software Engineer at Data Machines Corp. His prior work included Federal Consulting projects for the US Drug Enforcement Administration, Transportation Security Administration, Air Force, and other US Government and associated commercial clients. Matthew also brings international work experience from countries as varied as South Korea, Spain, and France, as well as business proficiency in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Matthew received his MA in Economics and Conflict Management from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington DC, and his BA in International Relations and French from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

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James Hyde is a Data Scientist at Data Machines Corp. Prior to DMC, he worked as an Academic Program Coordinator at Loyola University Chicago's Center for Science and Math Education managing professional development events for in-service primary and secondary educators. He holds an MS in Applied Statistics and a BS in Physics from Loyola.



Iliana is a Strategic Machine Learning Engineer who is advancing Data Machines Corp.’s efforts to quantify uncertainty in machine learning, and collaborates on other research and predictive modeling projects. She has her BA in mathematics from Bard College and will be getting her MS in Data Science specializing in machine learning from George Washington University in Spring 2019. As a data sleuth and Argentine tango dancer, with additional previous work in statistics, data mining, and high performance computing, she applies the cultural intelligence gained from travel and living abroad to her work at DMC to ensure high-quality, innovative, and ethical data science solutions.



Sophie Mulard is a Software Engineer at Data Machines Corp. Sophie recently earned her BS in Biomedical Engineering from George Washington University. In that time, she has done signal processing research and data analysis of cardiac arrhythmias leading to a tool built for doctors to better analyze heart rhythms.



Kassandra Clauser is a Technical Writer at Data Machines Corp. Prior to joining DMC, she was an editing intern at Safety Provisions, Inc. She holds a BA in English from Brigham Young University – Idaho.



Sean is a Senior Architect for Analytics and Development at Data Machines Corp. His areas of interest include natural language processing, time series analysis, image recognition, and probabilistic programming and data structures. He came to DMC from Booz Allen Hamilton where he supported multiple Department of Defense and Intelligence Community clients in all things IT. He has a B.A. from Columbia University.


Aaron Glahe is a Senior Software Engineer with patented designs at Data Machines Corp. Aaron has worked for 20+ years creating advanced concept software and research engineering applications. He has spent most of his career working on DARPA research projects, including: defensive cyber operations research, semantic data mediation, unbounded data pipelines, cross organization team-formation using autonomous agents, and design of data-intensive applications. Aaron is an Apache Accumulo contributor, and was one of the original creators of the vulnerability scanner SAINT. Aaron has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

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