Data Machines Corp. individual contributors are passionate and talented people who enjoy working together to tackle meaningful problems. They are the heart of the company and do the bulk of the work taking vision and making it into reality. Technical decision authority, code review, and security are responsibilities every person in the company manages on a daily basis. Business growth incentives are distributed equally to all members of the company regardless of position, ensuring that if you work here your work is your gain.


Nicholas Burnett

Nick is a Data Scientist and Software Developer at Data Machines Corp. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from Cornell University and a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Currently, Nick is working toward a second Master’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. His career has focused on advancing defense science and research technologies through direct contribution and oversight.

Wei Lau

Wei is a Senior Software Developer at Data Machines. Wei is a veteran software engineer who has worked and led various teams in solving problems and developing code in big data, real time OS, data analytics, encryption/security applications, and radar/sonar systems. His primary development language is C++, but is comfortable working in Java, Python, Scala, and Javascript. Wei received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and his MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.



Robert JAcobs

Bob is a Sr. Software Development Lead at Data Machines. Bob has over 21 years of software development experience with government programs. For over 15 years, he has been a lead developer and mentored many junior developers in the areas of software design, requirements, and testing. Bob has been an advocate for development processes over his career. He has authored components for many core Data Machines Corp. technologies including virtualization, application development, and identity management. Bob has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

Zobair Shahadat

Zobair is a Full Stack Software Engineer and Technologist at Data Machines. He has previously worked as a key developer supporting the Global Combat Support System – Joint (GCSS-J) project supporting the Joint Staffs in making critical decisions using data analytics. He is currently responsible for researching technologies, engineering prototypes, building software, maintaining infrastructure, and safeguarding security layers for a range of DARPA programs. He is presently pursuing an Masters from Georgia Tech in Computer Science in the area of data science, algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.



Steven Barmoy

Steven is a Systems Engineer at Data Machines. He received his Bachelor’s in Information Systems from Towson University. Steve is an experienced Linux administrator who has worked extensively with distributed big data systems. His work ensures redundancy, security, alerting, and timely account management of Data Machines Corp. cloud resources. 


Catherine Schymanski

Catherine Schymanski is Director of Operations and Human Resources at Data Machines Corp. Catherine received her Masters in Communication from George Mason University in 2015.


Rohitha Bhushan

Rohitha is a Data Scientist at Data Machines Corp. Prior to joining Data Machines she was a developer working on a wide range of products at SAP Labs India with their R&D teams, as well as a quality specialist for federal projects at an Arlington based startup. She holds a Masters in Information and Data Sciences from UC Berkeley and her undergraduate is in Electrical Engineering.

The founder and CEO of Data Machines Corp. is Eric Whyne.