From: Eric Whyne, CEO, Data Machines Corp.

Subj: Data Machines Corp. 2018 Charitable Giving Overview and End of Year Review

2018 was a big year of growth for the company. With regard to our charity efforts, we stepped up our game and decided to also make more of an effort to share our labor time and other resources. This ended up being a rewarding experience for us and helped keep our corporate culture going in the right direction by involving more than just our money but also our hands and hearts. Big thanks to Kyrus Charities for helping Data Machines find and organize accessible hands-on volunteer opportunities. Giving and volunteer work should be a part of every company's culture, but finding, evaluating, and organizing direct volunteer opportunities can be time consuming and risky. Working with a professional charity group is an excellent experience. They managed the coordination, communication, and set expectations on both sides. Because of this, we were able to get a large part of the company involved with some great volunteer opportunities. I recommend any company managing the balance of volunteering and giving with core business operations contact Amy at Kyrus Charities for advice, or find a local charity organization to help. Seeking and managing opportunities to serve is a complex and full-time endeavor, and I am grateful support networks exist to take on most of that load. Additionally, we were able to donate some of our excess computer hardware to community efforts in unexpected ways. One local charity needed reliable computers for signing mentally disabled people up for support programs. We were able to provide them with a ruggedized weather-proof chrome book perfect for the task.

Some comments from employees who attended the direct volunteer efforts:

“I got to spend the afternoon helping fourth through sixth graders with their math and science homework. As an engineer, those basic lessons from elementary school were the building blocks of my career. It was so meaningful to be able to give back to the community by teaching the children these concepts.” —Josh

“Spending time with these teens and getting a glimpse into the challenges that they are facing was really eye-opening.  Being able to help and talk with them and do some work at the center was an opportunity I won't forget.” —Shelly

“It’s so nice to spend the afternoon helping teens with their homework and just hang out with them. In the short time I was there, they made me feel included and appreciated. After we completed their homework, they taught me how to play Uno, and gave great hugs when we were ready to leave. It’s easy to see how essential it is to have the teen center to support them. Thank you, Second Story Youth Center for providing a safe and inclusive environment to help and support them. It’s been a privilege to work with you guys.” —Annie

Data Machines at Second Story.

Data Machines at Second Story.

“A big thanks to the Second Story Youth Center at Bailey's Crossroads, VA and to Kyrus Charities for the opportunity to partner with them in support of a great group of teenagers at the Center. We assisted the Youth Center with organizing donations, but the highlight for me was working directly with the youth and assisting them with their schoolwork, reading, and computer skills. We discussed career opportunities, as well as the tough challenges our youth face today and how to approach those challenges.” —Burt

Below are our picks for the Charities we donated money to this year, as well as some pictures of the team in action.

Thank you again for your trust, support, confidence, mentorship, and friendship in 2018. Here's looking forward to a good 2019.