Data Machines Corp. is a small company dedicated to data analytic research.

We release our code as open source, participate meaningfully in our communities through working groups and sponsorships, and give part of our profit to charity.

Continue reading to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


Open Source

Open software and standards are a foundation for innovative and important work in science, education, and industry. The customers who value our professional services help us contribute to these communities.

Technology Agnostic

There is no one answer for every challenge. We are unbiased in the selection of components or services that contribute to a solution.

Full Stack

Good developers that are familiar with the entire technology stack know how to make better solutions and life easier for those around them. Our teams have a genuine interest in all layers of software and hardware technology.


Creating and managing automatic intelligent behavior is necessary to work elastically and securely at scale. We build systems that adapt to unpredictable change and simplify their intrinsic complexity for operators and users.



Annie Weng

Annie Weng is the Director of Software Development for Data Machines. Annie has a Master of Science in Software Engineering from George Mason University and a BS in Computer Science from West Virginia University. She has nearly 20 years of software development, test, integration, and leadership experience. Annie has authored many critical software components of Data Machine Corps. systems and routinely solves the most difficult technical challenges across each project we undertake as a company.


Dr. Chris Monson

Dr. Chris Monson is the Chief Technology Officer at Data Machines Corp. Chris received his PhD in Computer Science from BYU in 2006, where he focused on Machine Learning and Evolutionary Optimization. He came to DMC from Google where he spent more than 11 years building and scaling cutting edge machine learning technologies as a tech lead, as well as developing and teaching curriculum on machine learning, various programming languages, and most recently the application of ML to hiring processes. He has worked in Google Search, Ads, Translate, Maps, Civics, and Hiring, and additionally has experience with IP litigation consulting.


Mike May

Mike May is the Chief Operating Officer at Data Machines. Mike earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Northeastern University with a minor in International Affairs. His career has focused on cloud architectures, software development, and research platforms. He is currently an active contributor to the OpenStack foundation, OpenStack Scientific Working Group, and founding signatory on the Open Research Cloud Declaration.


Dr. Martial Michel

Dr. Michel is the Chief Scientific Officer at Data Machines where he focuses on algorithm evaluation architectures. Previous to joining Data Machines, Martial worked for 20 years as a staff scientist and leader at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) focusing on cloud computing and machine learning evaluation. He is a Docker Mentor, co-chair for the OpenStack Scientific Working Group for North America, a founding participant of the Open Research Cloud Declaration, and has received a Bronze Medal for Superior Federal Service. Martial attained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University Henri Poincaré for his study and dissertation on the Transfer of dynamical data-types using Message Passing Interface (MPI) and specialized in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Networks.


Shelly Stanley

Shelly Stanley is a Senior Data Scientist at Data Machines. Shelly currently applies her statistics and machine learning knowledge to detect anomalous behavior in network traffic and credential misuse in big cyber data. Her prior work includes predictive analytics focusing on supply chain management and exploratory data analysis. Shelly has a Master of Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.


Burt Thompson

Burt is the President of Data Machines where he oversees business operations, informs strategy, and ethics. He served in the U.S. Army attaining the rank of Brigadier General before entering industry and holding senior leadership roles in several companies. His Army service included: Deputy Director, Strategic Plans and Policy U.S. PACOM, Deputy Commanding General, 25th Infantry Div, Deputy Director for Operations of the National Military Command Center, EO for Under Secretary of the Army, Commander 1st Stryker BCT 25th ID. Burt has an M.S. in Personnel Management and Administration from Central Michigan University, an M.S. in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College, an M.A. in Advanced Military Studies from the U.S. Army Command and Staff College, and a B.A. in Government from Norwich University.


Dr. Nathan Danneman

Dr. Danneman is the Chief Data Scientist at Data Machines Corp. where he ensures statistical and mathematical rigor is applied to our candidate machine learning and data analysis solutions. He received his doctorate in Political Science from Emory University in 2013, with a focus on quantitative methods, computational statistics, and international conflict. Dr. Danneman also holds a BA in Public Policy Analysis with a focus on international policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2007).


Dr. Brian Dennis

Brian M. Dennis, PhD is the Director of Data Engineering at Data Machines. He has a 20+ year career in basic and applied data-centric research in the defense industry at Invincea Labs and Lockheed Martin ATL as well as in academia as a faculty member of the Northwestern University Computer Science Department. Prior to joining DMC he provided on-site technical and programmatic support to DARPA's Information Innovation Office (I2O), helping the government manage a large portfolio of contracted research projects. Dr. Dennis holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from MIT, as well as a Master of Science and Doctorate from UC Berkeley in Computer Science.


Dr. Rion Dooley

Rion Dooley, PhD is the Director of Platform Services and Solutions at Data Machines. He came to DMC from Texas Advanced Computing Center where he spent the last decade integrating new and emerging technologies to build solutions that make it easier to conduct open, digital science. His prior projects span the areas of parallel, cloud, and distributed computing, scheduling, data management, identity and access management, information modeling, and scientific reproducibility. He was the Principal Investigator for and contributes to the Agave Platform Project, and is active in the Open Source community.


Data Machines Corp. individual contributors are passionate and talented people who enjoy working together to tackle meaningful problems. Technical decision authority, project team leadership, code review, and security are responsibilities every person in the company manages on a daily basis. Read More Bios Here!


Data Machines Corp. (DMC) is a small business which specializes in designing, building, and using cloud architectures to engineer and share solutions to difficult problems in data analytics, dev-ops, machine intelligence, and data science. 

DMC is developing new data architecture technologies as part of eight unique and challenging DARPA research programs where our systems and code are used daily by over 2,500 researchers, data scientists, and research transition partners.

DMC maintains a library of higher math based Cyber and Network Defense big data analytics tailored to detecting APT and complex cyber threats. This portfolio is comprised of code paired with white-papers which explain it's application, strengths, and weaknesses.

DMC maintains libraries of code and techniques for scalable data enrichment, transformation, and analysis (computer vision, filters, tagging, tokenization, summarization, matrix completion, missing value inference, principal component analysis, prediction, ...etc). We use these libraries to conduct Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on customer data sets, internal and external training, as well as improvement of our own technical solutions.

DMC maintains a suite of tools and techniques for managing architectures and data. Examples of our tool capabilities including utilities for securely managing global Internet of Things communication and orchestration, data transport, architecture deployment, application security, identity management, and data security. 

DMC is skilled at taking cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence code and engineering scalable production deployment and operations strategies for them. We bring extensive experience and first-hand knowledge of using the latest tools in production systems to ensure project success. We have worked with everything from robust production ready code to brittle research code.

DMC has a structured approach to securing scaled production deployments of cutting edge software. We are experienced at meeting security and compliance goals by making appropriate and documented risk decisions while maintaining the maximum possible functionality and performance of cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence code.

DMC has extensive experience working with broad research teams comprised of government, industry, and academia to do white-label transition of important technologies to make meaningful impacts on challenges such as threat-finance, human trafficking, cyber security, decision support, healthcare, investing, litigation, and more.

Access our Open Source Code on GitHub.


DMC maintains an extensive library of curated public and private data sets used to support research and seed challenge problems for collaborative research efforts. We also maintain a library of data gathering and curation tools which are often utilized to generate new data sets for use in research challenges or to power observational statistical analysis in response to specific data science requests.

View our curated list of open data sets.






Machine Learning




2018-09-20 Data Machines Corp. Director of Scientific Computing Dr. Martial Michel is a panelist in the "Edge Computing: Shaping the Named Data Edge" session at the "Named Data Networking Community Meeting 2018" in Gaithersburg MD.

2018-09-13 Data Machines Corp. staff spends an afternoon volunteering at a Second Story youth center. Staff cooked food, helped kids with reading and math homework, played games, and helped sort and organize clothing and food donations.

2018-09-10 Data Machines Corp. Director of Scientific Computing Dr. Martial Michel leads the OpenStack Project Team Gathering's Scientific Special Interest Group session in Denver CO.

2018-07-24 Data Machines Corp. Director of Scientific Computing Dr. Martial Michel moderates a panel on Transforming Scientific Computing with Cloud Technologies at the 2018 Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC18) conference in Pittsburg PA.

2018-06-26 Data Machines Corp. sponsors AutoML 2018, The International Workshop on Automatic Machine Learning in Stockholm, Sweden.

2018-05-23 Data Machines Corp. Director of Scientific Computing Dr. Martial Michel moderates a panel on High Performance Computing, GPU, and Artificial Intelligence at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, BC.

2018-05-12 Data Machines Corp. BG (Ret) Thompson presents on Human Capital Risk Management Through Human Resource Threat Assessments at the Fredericksburg, VA  Society for Human Resource Management Chapter meeting.

2018-04-18 DARPA Media Forensics on NBC News.

2018-04-17 DARPA Media Forensics on CBS News.

2018-03-20 Data Machines Corp. supports and sponsors the Open Research Cloud Alliance (ORCA) workshop in Gaithersburg MD to discuss Enabling Intercloud Interoperability and Support for Scientific Research Collaboration. DMC Director of Scientific Computing Dr. Martial Michel  supports as Vice Chair.

2018-03-05 Data Machines Corp. is honored to have Burt Thompson (Brigadier General, US Army Ret.) join our leadership team. 

2018-02-15 Data Machine Corp. Director of Scientific Computing Dr. Martial Michel is announced as Vice Chair of the IEEE P2302 Intercloud Interoperability and Federation Working Group

2018-01-05 Data Machines Corp. publishes our 2017 Giving Report. 

2017-11-06 Data Machine Corp. Director of Cloud Computing Mike May presents at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney Australia.  

2017-10-28 Data Machines Corp. supports and sponsors the first ever Conference on Applied Machine Learning for Information Security (CAMLIS). Data Machines Corp. Director of Data Science and Analytics Dr. Nathan Danneman presents. 


DMC is still a very young company and in the process of formalizing processes for how we approach the balance of (what we feel is) the necessity of generous giving and the responsible management and funding of our own strategic goals as a business. Aside from monetary support, we seek out and conduct pro-bono data science and exploratory data analysis for worthy non-political causes. If you feel that you fall into this category, please email us at info at datamachines.io with a descriptive subject line.

View our 2017 end of year giving report.


General inquiries: info at datamachines.io

Address: Data Machines Corp. Suite 110, 44933 George Washington Blvd, Ashburn, VA 20147-6301

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Data Machines Corp. is developing curriculum related to data science, machine learning, programming, and cloud architectures. We hope to be able to share our knowledge through outreach and structured training seminars. If you're interested in attending or learning more about these topics, please reach out to us at training@datamachines.io

If you're new to programming, you can take our online Python Training Course to get started. 

More to follow.